All About Connecting!

Are you Single and over 45? Are you genuinely seeking a relationship or friendships? Have you been avoiding socialising because you are anxious about your safety? Do you like dining out and meeting new people, and enjoy conversing with intelligent like-minded mature adults?

At Plus One Dinners we create events for you to socialise and meet like-minded people in a safe, relaxed and fun environment. We have wonderful dinner events for small intimate groups of 8. Soon we will include other events like Wine Tasting, Beer Samplings, Cooking events and Food Tours in Perth and Fremantle for larger groups. The group numbers will be small enough that you will still have the opportunity to meet each person attending and get to know them.

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Friendships which could lead to Romance

Make friends with similar interests. Relax at one of our exclusive events with a small group of people of compatible age and life experiences.

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Dining Out

Fun and satisfying dining at Perth’s best restaurants. We look for a match of the gastronomic experience with the ambience!

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Same Gender Events

We create events for you to mix with others looking for same gender friends. Keep up to date with what's happening on our calendar

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Group Events

Cookery, wine and beer and Food Tours all arranged in a safe and friendly setting. Want something different read on...

About Us

Getting back to talking to real people
We think its time to get back to some face to face meeting instead of checking out people in 2D. Making a decision about who a person is from a few lines and a photo is certainly a way to meet people but its not the only way and getting back to a conversation over dinner is an alternative choice we are excited to offer.
Bring a friend
Ideally, if you come along with a friend rather than solo, your friend will be of the opposite gender to you, it’s only fair if the other guests bring someone for you to meet, that you take someone for them to meet! Unless you are attending one of our Same Gender events, of course. If you are single, we invite you to join our community. Please browse our calendar of exclusive events and preview the options for dinner guests that are available.

How we roll


  • Currently we have a special offer of 1 month free membership from the date of registration. Normally you pay $135 for three months membership. A good time to take advantage of the special offer. Membership is on a 3 month recurring payment via Paypal. You are able to cancel this through your Paypal account at any time. This Special Offer is for a limited time of 3 weeks only so don't delay in Registering!
  • There is a $6.50 per person Booking Fee to cover admin costs when registering into a dinner event. Other events will carry different pricing and be clearly stated at the time of notification.
  • You are responsible for the cost of your dinner and your drinks which will be payable by you, to the restaurant.
Our dinners are arranged with mature single people in mind, getting you to break patterns which keep you alone and lonely at home is our aim. If you would prefer to meet people of the same gender then some of our dinners will be ideal for you! Check out the calendar for details of men only or women only events. Soon you will be making new connections, enjoying intellectual conversation and congratulating yourself on having taken a step outside of your comfort zone – all with positive results!
Our events will be happening at a variety of venues around Perth and Fremantle. We look for restaurants with great food, nice ambiance and welcoming staff. We are sourcing interesting and fun events and businesses who welcome small groups. We want you to find new connections at every opportunity.