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Kickstart Conversation


Meeting someone new can be extremely nerve racking for some people. We can’t all be the type that strikes up a full blown conversation at every corner and with just about everyone. The good news is that strained conversation patterns can be changed. It takes some effort in the beginning, but the rewards are worth it. With a little perseverance it may even become completely second nature to you as you become more comfortable.

We’ve got a few of our favorite conversations starters to share with you, to make your first event as seamless and exciting as possible. Before we jump into those quick ice-breakers, it’s important to note that you should always choose something that feels natural to you, that way the conversation will continue to flow and not simply fizzle into awkward silence.

5 conversation starters for the first meeting

1. Talk about the person you’re meeting and take your cues from there. Your new acquaintance will likely mention something you can build the conversation on.

• What brings you to the event?
• What are your special interests?
• Have you enjoyed the evening so far?


2. Talk about the climate

I’m not just referring to the weather here. Talk about the things that are going on around you. Is the atmosphere strained, excited, nervous, and bustling? Use it as your conversation starter
• I feel like we’re all just a little too nervous, don’t you think? (With a smile)… Hi, I’m [introduce yourself].
• Wow, the atmosphere in here is awesome! Hi, I’m [introduce yourself]

3. Talk about the event, venue or the food at the event

If all else fails, you’ll still have your surroundings to rely on as a conversation topic. Is the event enjoyable? Is there anything specifically interesting about the venue? Does the food meet or exceed your standards? You can try saying:
• I’m so glad I came today, it’s my first time here and I love the experience/décor/design/food/paintings etc.
• Hi, what’s been your favorite part of the night? Mine was…
• I’m amazed at how much I’m enjoying this event!

4. Talk about the people around you

I don’t mean that you should gossip, simply discuss the type of people you’ve met. For example:
• I can’t believe how many marketers I’ve met at this event! OR
• I’m amazed at how many wonderful new acquaintances I’ve made…how has your experience been?
• Have you enjoyed yourself? I see you’ve spoken to a lot of the people here, maybe you can point me in the right direction, I’d love to chat to someone who [insert your choices of words here] – (This should be used in the case of networking). Inadvertently you’d also be drawing the person in to talk about their own job/career/lifestyle etc depending on what you asked of them.)

5. Break the ice with a compliment

In order to give an effective heartfelt compliment, consider complimenting the person on a specific characteristic of theirs rather than what they are wearing. Such a compliment would sound like this:
• I can’t help but notice you’ve got an excellent way with people. It’s an amazing skill!
• Your confidence is overwhelming, I’m so pleased to meet you.
• Your smile is amazing. It’s incredibly sincere.

The best compliments are the ones that are truthful. If your compliment seems insincere the person you’re speaking to will almost definitely pick up on it and your conversation will go no further than that.

Sometimes, the best way to start a conversation is to still simply walk up to someone, introduce yourself and with a surge of confidence and an open, friendly nature say Hi, I’d like to chat.

As a side note, studies show that people are generally drawn to positivity more than negativity. Concentrate on the positive things that surround your meeting.


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