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Thank you for contacting us

thanks for contacting plus one dinners perth wa

Cheers!  Thanks for contacting us.


We understand that you don’t know us too well yet! So please ask as many questions as you like and we will endeavour to answer them promptly.

Please remember “Our single most important goal is to connect people in a safe and friendly environment”.

We look forward to meeting you in person at one of our events!

As we appreciate you joining us we wanted to let you know we understand that being Single is not always a good thing, but its not always bad either. 

As a Thank you here are a couple of bonus articles free to Plus One Dinners subscribers we hope will add a smile to your day! 

 How to Laugh More Often Every Day

Ideas that Might Persuade you that Being Single is Actually more Fun than you Thought

You can find out what’s on the calendar

and book your place by clicking the button below.

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