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Getting back to talking to real people

We think its time to get back to some face to face meeting instead of checking out people in 2D.   Making a decision about who a person is from a few lines and a photo is certainly a way to meet people but its not the only way, getting back to a conversation over dinner is an alternative choice we are excited to offer.

Sometimes a fine dining experience and sometimes just a friendly local restaurant when its quiet mid-week is the way to go. Look at our calendar menu of events here.

If you are like many people today, you desire authentic connection with other single people whether it is for friendship, companionship or something more.

If this resonates with you, there’s a place waiting for you at a Plus One Dinners event.

A positive experience with friends

Plus One Dinners are people connecting for friendship or a relationship who meet regularly over a fine dining experience.

Plus One Dinners takes all the stress and worry out of meeting new friends. To ensure you relax and enjoy the night, we encourage you to book in with a friend, you dont have to but if you are nervous about going out alone at night or finding your way back to your car alone, then this is a solution for you. This way, not only do you have someone to walk in with, you both have someone to leave with at the end of the night. And if like me, you sometimes think at the last minute that your courage will desert you, then the friend will get you over the line! 

If you have a friend along you can walk to your car together (no more dark parking spaces to venture into alone!), you can help each other through the early part of the dinner with small talk and menu perusal, and you can help each other with conversation starters and a conversation change of direction, if necessary!

Bring a friend

Ideally, if you come along with a friend rather than solo, your friend will be of the opposite gender to you, it’s only fair if the other guests bring someone for you to meet, that you take someone for them to meet! Unless you are attending one of our same gender events, of course.


If you are single, we invite you to join our community. Please browse our calendar of exclusive events and preview the options for dinner guests that are available.

Soon, you will be making new connections, enjoying intellectual conversation and congratulating yourself on having taken a step outside of your comfort zone – all with positive results!



Me Oval



If you see yourself, even a little, in my story why not become a member of Plus One Dinners.

Kim and I believe that everyone can make positive connections.

Kim plus one dinners



Di and I have collaborated together with lots of different ideas and so Plus One Dinners was developed. Read my story here.

We hope that it works for you!