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Christmas and New Year Do’s and Don’t’s?

Christmas and New Year can be a time full of social events and family get-togethers, and also a time of really FEELING your single-dom. which can lead you down a path of isolating yourself. This year why not make a decision to take a new direction after the New Year is over and find a new crowd to hang out with? Subscribe to PLUS ONE DINNERS and join other “Over 40” Singles in Perth in making some new connections.

We love Christmas at the Beach in Perth.

We love Christmas at the Beach in Perth.


In the meantime….

DO go out and enjoy all the opportunities to be with family and friends.

DO tell yourself this is a time to reflect and assess where you are at in life as we approach the New Year beginning.

DO indulge in good food and alcohol to make the work/family event seem more enjoyable. (In moderation, of course!)




DON’T let yourself feel like the only single person in Perth during this festive time. You are one of many. You just haven’t found where they hang out yet!

DON’T look at the past year as just another one you have survived. Instead review it with confidence that your experiences and the events of 2015 have added to your pot of knowledge and experience, preparing you to see the year ahead as a chance to have a GREAT time full of small ADVENTURES and one or two MAJOR EVENTS which will fill your heart with joy.

DON’T forget to subscribe to PLUS ONE DINNERS and launch yourself into 2016 with the INTENTION to be more social with people you haven’t met yet.

Yes they are young things, but we can dream a little can’t we?


We all are capable of being social with those we already know. When you choose to be social with a different crowd things will change! New faces, new conversations, and maybe even that LOVE of YOUR LIFE that you know is out there somewhere!

Have a wonderful Christmas break. Have a social and eventful New Years Eve. Take good care of yourself. Sleep. Eat. Laugh. Be Merry!


We’ll see you in 2016 when we roll out more events to help you fulfill your intention to get connecting with some new faces and meeting some new friends!


All the Best!

Happy New Year 2016! Singles in Perth

Happy New Year 2016! Singles in Perth


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