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 These events were created with you in mind.

Our dinners are arranged with mature single people in mind, getting you to break patterns which keep you alone and lonely at home is our aim.

If you would prefer to meet people of the same gender then some of our dinners will be ideal for you!

Check out the calendar for details of men only or women only events.




Soon, you will be making new connections, enjoying intellectual conversation and congratulating yourself on having taken a step outside of your comfort Plus One Dinners a new way to meet Singles over 40zone.

I understand if there is some part of you that is afraid to walk into a room full of strangers, introduce yourself and start up a conversation. That was me too.

Not long ago I was right where you are now, feeling the same heartbreak and disappointment you may be experiencing. And I tried everything you can think of to meet new people — online dating, blind dates and even speed dating. By the end I felt more frustrated and hopeless.


We don’t expect you to navigate being single on your own.

That is why I began Plus One Dinners. We understand that you may not know how to make meeting new people easy and painless. And that’s ok. That’s why we encourage you to book in and attend our exclusive events with a friend.

With a friend you can enjoy the freedom of attending our events  confident that you know someone there. We know from experience that it is more relaxing and enjoyable meeting new people when you have a friend to arrive and leave the event with. It feels a bit safer, doesn’t it?


Our dinners are arranged for an exclusive group of eight people. To ensure you are meeting like-minded people, you may choose the age range of the group before you book.


We arrange dinners at excellent restaurants so that you receive personalised and professional service as well as a scrumptious and extensive range of food and drinks.

The only preference we have is that when you register and reserve your table with a friend that the group will ideally be 50/50 male to female, except for those dinners which cater to all male or all female groups.


Attending with a friend is not mandatory. If, like me, you are happy to attend an event unaccompanied then simply choose an event and book in.

So, if you are ready to let go of some old restrictive habits that are not serving you and you are ready to try something new….. then go ahead and book into our next event…..

We look forward to hearing how much you enjoyed meeting new friends at our events!