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What happens if I meet someone at the dinner that I would like to meet again?

Members can exchange names and phone numbers at the dinner or you can contact us at Plus One Dinners and we’ll contact the member for you. We can send them your preferred contact phone number or email address with your consent. Under all other circumstances, our members’ personal information is strictly confidential. It is each […]

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Can I join with a friend?

This is where Plus One Dinners differs from many other meeting sites. One of our main concerns is your safety so we encourage you to bring a friend with you. It helps to allay your anxiety of meeting new people and you have someone to go home with. Remember though that the friend can only […]

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What if I need to cancel a confirmed dinner reservation?

It can be very disappointing to be at a table organised for a group of eight people when one member cancels. We want the best possible experience for our members so have implemented the cancellation policy below: We require ten (10) working days’ notice of your intention to cancel. If we can fill the empty […]

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Is Plus One Dinners a dating service?

We are not a dating service. Plus One Dinners purpose is to introduce single people with similar interests, who enjoy good food, good conversation and a good time. We consider ourselves a dinner club. We provide you the opportunity to meet others who are like-minded. Our dinner parties provide a comfortable relaxed environment for people […]

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