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Fine DiningOur dinners are arranged for an exclusive group of eight people. To ensure you are meeting like-minded people, you may choose the age range of the group and see something about the venue before you book.

We arrange dinners at fine dining restaurants, meaning you will receive personalised and professional service as well as a scrumptious and extensive range of food and drinks.

Plus One Dinners takes all the stress and worry out of a first event and meeting new friends. To ensure you relax and enjoy the night, we encourage you to book in with a friend (not mandatory). That way, not only do you have someone to walk in with, you both have someone to leave with at the end of the night. You can walk to your car together (no more dark parking spaces to venture into alone!), you can help each other through the early part of the dinner with small talk and menu perusal, and you can help each other with conversation starters and a conversation change of direction, if necessary!