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If you are going to go out into the world to meet new and interesting people you want to start with friendship don’t you? I know I do, so I gave some thought to how I wanted to meet people, not just men, but like minded women for friendships too. 

I wanted to meet people like me, who are cautious when meeting new people, who want to meet their intellectual equals, who want fun and friendships to see if there is the possibility of a relationship longer term.  Not to meet on blind dates or coffee dates with “Mr or Mrs I like walking on the beach and cuddles on the couch“. But a chance to chat in a group over a really good meal, no pressure, just to see if an interesting conversation, manners, self-respect and respect and care for others has a chance to show itself. Hey it’s great if attraction hits the other as much as it hits you, but in reality that’s the chemistry which brings you together, it’s not the ingredient which keeps you together.

I knew that I wanted to meet men and women but I wanted to be sure the men were available, not already committed to a relationship, and genuinely seeking a relationship or friendship longer term. They had to be over 50 for me to feel comfortable to date but for friendship I was happy to meet over 35’s.  The same applies to women I would like to meet. Not that I was looking to date a woman but I have friends who do and I knew they would also be comfortable with more or less the same criteria as me.

If you feel the same as me, then Welcome to Plus One Dinners!