Dating in Perth WA

Dating in Perth, or anywhere for that fact, can be both exhilarating and daunting trying to find ‘The One’ that will be cast as the potential future significant other. From speed dating and on-line dating to companion social groups, nothing is more tedious than short-listing hundreds of eligible candidates.

That’s why we’ve completely changed the dynamic at Plus One Dinners. Our events are arranged in such a way that the emphasis (and pressure) is not placed on finding the one but rather finding someone whom you absolutely enjoy connecting with. After all, social connection is the precursor to a good relationship, whether a friendship by nature or a romantic interest.

Meeting people should come easy and naturally. We also understand that the web is massive and you may end up finding singles everywhere but where you’d really like to meet them. So our events are geared at meeting singles in Perth. Possibly the greatest challenge online dating sites face is the simple fact that nothing is what it seems. Screening is a huge part of the online dating scene and often screening online doesn’t reveal all the ins and outs of a profile.

Times have changed considerably and so have personal criteria for dating sites. Refuted or not, a large percentage of singles in Perth still measure the worth of a candidate by their profile picture. It’s important to note that things like chemistry and personality do not always apply online, but the relevant information and contents of their profile description in conjunction with the look. At least, this is true at first. Singles in Perth spend considerably to create the perfect profile picture that best highlights their attributes, even resorting to Photoshop for a flawless end result, unfortunately, that is where the problem begins.

In fear of rejection and to be the first to catch the interest of potential mates, many regrettably resort to distorting the facts of their online profile or nature of their picture. But disappointment is inevitable when the truth is unearthed during a first date. Honesty is the best online policy here.

Here is a quick checklist that will help you transcend from successful virtual selection to actual dating.

  • Be sure your online profile is truthful, short, sweet and to the point, and highlighting only what is relevant to the forum to peek their interest, NOT ALL that you want them to know, leave such for the date
  • Be sure your profile picture is semi-formal and presentable with a sincere and friendly smile. Remember you’re not applying for a corporate or government position. Include a picture of yourself in various settings to accentuate your immediate world,
  1. one with friends or family
  2. doing an outdoor fun activity either whilst traveling or camping
  3. a silly picture of you at work or play
  4. a picture that highlights your passion, eg. humanitarian work, sports, painting, swimming
  • Not everyone you show interest in will respond or opt for an encounter, thus rather be hopeful by aspiring than having no expectations for that’s our worse disappointment
  • Limit your first encounter to friendship and get to know that person in and out rather than immediately embarking on the quest for romantic interest.
  • Dating in Perth is pretty exciting with so many activities to choose from, so make your first date a fun and casual experience…and the rest will fall into place.

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