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How to make a good first date impression

There are many people out there who just won’t admit it, but for the majority of us, we often find “the first date” experience incredibly nerve-wracking. But believe it or not, it’s all for a good reason. In this article, we will be taking a look at some great tips to help you get a great start on finding the perfect partner. These tips are suggestions in order to make your dating experience far more enjoyable and more effective.

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Arrive on time.
Arriving late to your date can be a huge turn-off and it can also look like you didn’t particularly care or it’s not important to you. Leave early in case there is a traffic jam or similar, and if you have discovered that running late is entirely unavoidable, it’s important that you contact your date in advance so that they know and don’t feel stood up. If you are running late, try not to panic or become flustered, you want to arrive looking calm and composed, not a mess, stressed out and sweaty. You want the first part of you date to be relaxed, not a never ending stream of apologies.
Make sure to be presentable.
Based on what type of date you will be going on knowing what to wear in advance can be a lifesaver. If you are going on a date to a fancy restaurant, dress nicely. Shirt for men, dresses or skirts for women. If you are heading something that is a little more casual, such as seeing a movie, dress casual. Whatever you decide to wear, it’s important that you always show that you have made some form of effort on what you have chosen to wear.
Send the right signals.
Body language can speak a lot louder than words. This means you should make sure to allow for plenty of eye contact, but don’t stare, and don’t forget to blink, or else you may come across a little creepy. Sit upright and keep a proud posture. When you speak, be softly spoken, keep a low and slow tone. If you begin to speak quickly and rush you are far more likely to trip over your own sentences and stammer. If you’re feeling a little tense, casually and briefly look around the room in order to break any tension.
It’s not all about you.
It’s important that you talk about your hobbies, likes, dislikes and generally express yourself, but remember there are two of you on this date. Talking only about yourself during your date can often be seen as overly narcissistic. This is why it’s important that you ask plenty of questions to your date and engage with them. Show a genuine interest in what they have to say, but remember, you can talk, don’t be a mute, and just make sure the conversation is balanced.
Be confident and assertive.
If you were happy with how the date went and would like to see them again, be clear and confident. Express to them that you would like to see them again. This could mean giving them a call to express what an amazing time you had. Either way, it’s important that you are genuine about it. Be enthusiastic about seeing them again, and discover if you are both mutually interested in another date, or each other.
Have Fun
It’s not a job interview, relax and enjoy yourself.

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