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Kim director of Plus One Dinners Perth WA

I have had a varied and interesting life so far. Always venturing out and experiencing new things. Pushing the boundaries I suppose. It can be scary but also fun and fulfilling.


I have been married and bought up a family, worked in the health profession along with involving myself in technical and computer studies. They have all been interesting and provided a challenge in life. I suppose these experiences have branded the person I have become today.

I have now reached the stage in life where I have decided to slow down and ‘smell the roses’ as they say. I have looked around at the stress that people experience in their lives and relationships and wonder why we do it to ourselves! Hindsight is wonderful isn’t it! But my decision is to relax and enjoy life, not to look behind or to the future just to live in the moment, to be thankful for everything life has handed to me and live for the day. We all deserve to be happy and somewhere along the way we forget this.


I am fortunate to have some wonderful and fulfilling relationships in my life. I do believe that a fulfilling relationship, be it romantic or friendship can be the basis for feeling and experiencing happiness. Unfortunately not everyone has this. So when Di mentioned the idea of Plus One Dinners I could see the potential of reducing the stress and fear that people experience in venturing out to meet new people and to give them the opportunity to create happiness in their lives.

I am not interested in finding a permanent relationship but love going out to meet new people, especially with similar interests, who love to socialise.

For people who are new to town, are feeling isolated and would like to meet new people this is an ideal platform. It’s great because you can bring your partner to dinner with you.

Plus One Dinners is continually growing and its members input is an integral part of its growth. Di and I have collaborated together with lots of different ideas and so Plus One Dinners has been developed.

We hope that it works for you and would really love your feedback.


Join up now and enjoy! I love meeting new people and making new friends especially in a fun, safe environment.