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Being a member of Plus One Dinners makes connection with others in my age group and with the same interests easy!

What is Membership?

• We have a special offer of free membership for 1 month from the date of registration. Normally you would pay $135 for three months membership. A good time to take advantage of the special offer.
• Membership is on a 3 month recurring payment via Paypal. You are able to cancel this through your Paypal account at any time.
• You are responsible for the cost of the dinner which will be payable by you, to the restaurant.


How Does It Work?

• Once you join Plus One Dinners you can book a dinner at any of our fine dining restaurants. Dinners are held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at carefully selected top quality restaurants around Perth. We choose very carefully based on value for money and quality of service.

• Plus One Dinners gives you the opportunity to socialise and meet like-minded people in a safe, relaxed and fun environment. We also have workshops for you to join in with to expand your circle and learn something new at the same time. These will include Cooking, Wine and Beer tasting, Style and Etiquette workshops and Food tours in Perth and Fremantle. The group numbers will remain small, we think 8 is ideal for everything except the workshops which will be no more than 20, so that you will still have the opportunity to meet each person attending and get to know them.

• An event will be listed on the calendar and if you wish to attend simply click on our Logo button in the calender popup and follow the prompts. 



  • Please refer to our privacy policy included in our terms and conditions.