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Ben Over 40 and Single

 Ben’s Story

I really wasn’t sure if I was keen to go along to this dinner, but I had a really good time, met Jenni, who I   really clicked  with and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of her!

Carly’s Story

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Carly – Singles over 40


My experiences on this site have been so positive. I have tried so many other sites and they are such    the same old thing, wasted my money, and wasted my time with no real success. But this site?  Excellent, well done and many thanks!!! I’m absolutely loving it. You know I may have just found my  Mr. Right.

Ashley. Single and over 40 Looking for same gender events.

Ashley. Single and over 40 Looking for same gender events.

Ashley’s Story

Having reached a turning point I feel like I am starting at the beginning again with my social life.

Same sex partnership is not an easy pathway. But the group of people I met at this fantastic event made me feel very comfortable.

Barbara’s Story


Barbara – Looking for a success story but taking things slowly.


Had a great night, restaurant and service was really good felt relaxed and enjoyed myself.

Not sure I want a relationship right now. But I met some lovely people that I would like to see again.